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Tree of Life Fountain

This fountain quietly cycles its water which makes this Tree of Life drought-resistant.

Dog Days of August

I was commissioned to do this portrait of a Bernese dog for a client in Japan. I’ll bet there are not too many big dogs like this in that country.

photo of free library with mosaic walls

Little Free Library

Have you ever seen those sharing libraries that are popping up on the streets like dandelions. Well, probably not like this one!! I found an old cabinet and mosaicked three sides of it. Then I set it in the ground on the corner of SE 68th and Belmont in the Mt Tabor neighborhood. Everyone loves it. Yes, I asked first, if I could do this one someone else’s property.

School Mural Unveiled

Today we unveiled the final installment on this massive stairwell mosaic at Metropolitan Learning Center. This Portland Skyline mural is the work of the 3rd grade classes from the last 3 years, and has been a great exploration for the kids to their hometown.

Mt Tabor ArtWalk Show May 21-22

Come and see the Shows! It’s always a fun and surprising outing to be on a walking art tour. Let’s hope for the sunshine! 10 AM – 5 PM.

Mosaic Labyrinth

At the end of their school year, the Kindergarten age kids of Whole Child Montessori created this Labyrinth that is now installed in their outdoor garden. Each child made a fused glass fish (which they can all positively identify as definitely their own!) and parents helped by surrounding these fish in mosaic “water”, and then moving around a bunch of dirt in order to create this beautiful garden feature.

Byrom’s Universe

The 5th grade classes of Byrom Elementary in Tualatin have put a creative spin on their science learning. This 50 s.f. glass mosaic includes hand-painted planets, stones for asteroids, and mirror for reflective stars. The project will be a lasting memory for the students’ final days at the school, as well as a useful learning tool for kids entering the school.        

A Welcoming Critter

This glass mosaic was created for the Coon family, and they had a unique vision for their address mosaic.

Virgin of Guadalupe

This Guadalupe is completely different than the others. She is made for indoors or out, and is set on light-weight board for easy installment.  Her shawl has gold-leaf stars adhered to the glass surface. Tiny glass millefiori and red marble gems pop out above the surface of the glass. She’s a beauty!!     Sold.      

Shops with Great Signage

I dropped into an awesome independent bookstore recently with a mosaic sign I created on their doorstep. The shop, {Pages} a bookstore, is an independent bookseller causing quite a wave in Manhatten Beach, CA. The owners happen to be a family relation of mine, so I appreciated it even more. I picked out a book by Jonathan Franzen, Walt Whitman and the photographer Josie Iselin. They had everything! Here’s to independent businesses doing their thing!