Portland Vitrified

Using rigid cement-coated fiberglass mesh and slumped/fused glass, this mosaic shows the topographic features of metropolitan Portland. Location: Portland Community College- SE.

Blood from a Stone

Use of stone, smalti, and a metal clamp holding a piece of petrified wood makes this piece an interesting reflection on the concept of time.

Parachute Selfie

This unique aerial perspective is inspired from a friend's recent parachute adventure and my wish to be transported to a remote desert island. The mix of smalti glass and stained glass give an interesting texture to this piece.

Bernese portrait

Animal Portraits size dependent: $350-500.

Fix It

24 x 36 in, used old tools and ceramic $750

Pear Blossoms

6 sf. mosaic insert behind the stove for a N. Portland house. The pear blossoms are detailed, custom-made fused glass pieces which refer to a tree growing in the residents' backyard.

Vanish into Space

Wall mosaic complete with wooden frame. Using stained glass, smalti glass and one-point perspective to show depth of field between forest and sky. $850.

For Sale- By Owner

23 x 15” w/ 3D Relief $ 750


The glowing colors of the N. Texas sunrise. SOLD

photo of mosaico coffee label

Mosaico Coffee Label

Design for Venezuelan coffee label

Pouring Pitchers

Vertical fountain, water pours from one pitcher to another and in to plant container. Glass, Ceramic. $1,000

Ancient Roman Messenger

This mosaic borrows from the classic Roman mosaic "Cave Canum" and insert the nightmare for the modern bicycle commuter. $350 10 x 16"

A Mosaicist would Understand

12 x 16" Glass, Ceramic and found objects- SOLD

Giraffes in Glass

Installed- Pediatric Dentistry 92” x 94”

Haystack Rock

42 x 48” SOLD


18 x 24" glass mosaic on lt-weight board $450

Andamento Triptych

Overall size 18 x 36” $650

Elongated House

25 x 34” $350

Les Desserts

Les Desserts Ceramic Tile in Wood Frame $275

Pop Up House

17 x 31” NFS

Reflective Windows

16 x 27” SOLD

Steel Bridge

36” x 44” SOLD (photo of MAX under glass)

Fremont Bridge

27 x 48” Ceramic tile. SOLD

Go By Train

32 x 42” SOLD

Cathedral Mirror

18 x 26” SOLD


28 x 17” $250

Custom Mirror

16 x 22” SOLD

Virgin Of Guadalupe

Glass on Lt-weight cement board 16 x 22" SOLD

Coffee Queen

24” d. $ 350

Drive-Thru Nature

24 x 36 H $450


20 x 20” $300

Gaudi Inspired Shrine

10 x 16” $350

Solstice Mandala

16” d. $350


17” d. SOLD