About Mark Brody


Photo of Mark Brody

Photo by Jo Brody

Mark Brody has been a working artist since graduating from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. with degrees in art and education. He received a “real-life”, hands-on degree in construction when he decided to build a house with his wife while living in Taos, New Mexico. Fortunately, both the house and the marriage are still standing after twenty years.

It was through this process that Mark recognized his passion for building as well as tile work, and he has practiced mosaic for the past 18 years. He has learned the importance of choosing the correct substrate, adhesive and tesserae, and his finished works are located in public spaces such as libraries, hospitals and community centers.

Mark has compiled all his knowledge and experience into a how-to mosaic book for those interested in placing mosaic in their garden. This book is available in local garden and book stores, as well as his website. Mark currently inspires others by teaching art in schools and art centers throughout the Northwest.

Artist’s Statement: What mosaic is to me.

“Mosaic is the combination of shape, color, pattern and form. Although mosaic is a metaphor for so many things, to me it is the perfect synthesis of my art training and my passion to build. I learned mosaic when I was building my first house. My effort was to use my artistic training to compose a mosaic which would become the focal point of a newly constructed wall- a custom built-in. The materials that make mosaic: glass, stone, ceramic and cement, are all materials that are used to build.

Mosaic assembles these artistic elements with the enduring materials of construction to create works that last for decades. I was hooked after that first mosaic, and each new mosaic I begin is met with the same enthusiastic grin.”


Mark has been teaching mosaic in schools and art centers for the past 18 years in Portland, Oregon, has a fine arts degree in sculpture, a certificate in teaching, and is a proud member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA).