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Whole Child Montessori 2017

This tree was made for the founder of this exceptional Montessori school in SE Portland. The tree buds were made by pre-schoolers! and the rest of the tree was finished by parents for the school. It now lives in the school garden where children see it on a daily basis.

Fire on the Mountain

Artwork made in response to the Oregon Wildfires in 2020. 18" Circle. $450.

King City, OR. Community Park Mural- 2021

4-Wall Community mural done with the help of community members. Celebrating the planting of a milkweed garden to help the cause of the monarch butterfly. Done in Porcelain Ceramic.

Woodstock Elementary 2019

Ask a 5th grader what s/he wants to be when they grow up, and you get a whole series of answers. This was a great idea that began with a Dr. Seuss book, and turned into this wonderful Mural of Aspiration.

William Walker Elementary 2019

The hands of 36 students from William Walker were cut in clay and used in this mosaic. The students glazed their clay hand in a tone that represented themselves as well as the diversity of this school. The artist then did the colorful tree and the kiddos on the swing as a gift to the re-opening of this new school in Cedar Hills, OR.

Sweetbriar Elementary 2019

This huge mural (85 sq ft) depicts the Columbia River from the school's location in Troutdale all the way to Portland. It details barns and trees and agricultural fields that make up this community, all under the watchful shadow of Mt Hood. The school mascot of bees fly happily around the school.

Five Oaks Elementary 2019

The artist depicted the eponymous Five Oaks for this school's mosaic, and electrified it with a radiating sun in the background.

Mandala ’22

This 20" circular mandala has a built-in hanger and is ready for WINDOW installation. $600


9 x 17"

Sitka Tree design

12 x 12" Window mosaic that gets the full beauty of tones in transparent glass. $375

South Pacific Sunset

This commission request was to capture the transparency of ocean water, contrasting with the dramatic sunset. The 3D boat made of smalti glass gives relief to the surface as well. SOLD

Solar Fountain- Waves

These amazing solar fountain pumps work cord-free and only when the sun is out, which is pretty seasonal here in the NW. $400

Solar Fountain- Star design

This 20" concrete base is mosaicked with recycled glass and the pump is totally self-contained. Operates only when the sun is shining! $400

Solar Fountain- Flower design

This 20" fountain base is tiled with both recycled glass and ceramic tiles to give a colorful garden look that gets everybody's attention, esp. birds! $400. Comes with pump.

Heart Aglow

This unique mosaic is a 3D Heart with a dimmable red LED light that lights up the place with warm emotion. Light can be turned off anytime. Lightweight. Size: 25" circle with 6" depth. Cost: $ 1,100.

Blue Mandala

This beautiful geometric mandala is made with matte glaze porcelain and is perfect for indoor or outdoors. Cost: $350

Glass Dartboard

This one-of-a-kind commission was made for a dart player that wanted a board with Arabic numerals. The large rings are made of fused glass for continuity, and the numerals are all painted in enamel paint. All 60 of them! It's quite a piece. I hope it's not getting used much. SOLD

Bicycle Card Mosaic

The dimensions of this mosaic (12 x 16") are based on the traditional Bicycle playing card. But the heart and the location make it unique, and the perfect gift for someone in Oregon or Maine! Cost: $450.

Glam-y Salmon

This street fish will be in Florence OR. for 2 years as part of the Art Exposed Public Art installation from Sept '22-'24. The sculpture is available for purchase as well through the City of Florence.

Hummingbirds- 2022

Using the client's own drawing, I made this sparkling rendition of two hummingbirds for the owner's lovely garden. It was great to work with the client on this job.

From Farm to Kitchen- 2022

This design for the Stove BackSplash was made with the clients who wanted to take pride in where their vegetables came from. The tomatoes are made of bright fused glass to bring out their shape and color.

Ocean Mandala

18" Glass-on-Glass mosaic with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. SOLD

Coastal Mandala

18" Glass-on-Glass mosaic with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. SOLD

Kaleidoscope Mandala

18" Glass-on-Glass mosaic with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. SOLD

3D Star

This brilliant 24" d mosaic has a 3D star popping out of its surface, full of color details, pattern and sparkle! SOLD

El Pavo Grande

This elegant peacock has flourishes of fused-glass feathers. 13 x 20" $600.

The Great Honu

Beautiful 'Honu' turtle floats in the flowing ocean waves. Fused glass turtle and mosaic glass. $400.

Stammtisch Pub Floor Mosaic- 2018

Floor Entrance mosaic which warmly greets visitors to the Stammtisch Pub in SE Portland. Logo Design in climate-proof ceramic tile.

Flaneur Wines- 2019

Street-sign greets visitors to the new Flaneur Wines tasting room in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Carlton, OR.

Pages Bookstore- Manhattan Beach, CA.

Bookstore Logo in Mosaic. 13 x 20”


Our Lady of Guadalupe- 2016

Installed at The Grotto in Portland for their new Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine. Smalti. Size: 3 x 5 feet, equaling the size of the original painting in Mexico City. Worked with artist Hector Hernandez on this 3-panel mosaic series.

Blue Plate Special

Making permanent re-use of broken China plates. 14 x 20" SOLD

Spring Blossom Fountain

Wall-mounted fountain uses both smalti and stained glass to make the water shimmer as it flows down to the water basin. $550

this lucky dog

This mosaic was made as a part of the 2015-16 BIG ART Sculpture Walk happening in Hood River, OR. The dog greets all visitors to the best bakery in town, the Pine Street Bakery.

Blood from a Stone

Use of stone, smalti, and a metal clamp holding a piece of petrified wood makes this piece an interesting reflection on the concept of time.

Parachute Selfie

This unique aerial perspective is inspired from a friend's recent parachute adventure and my wish to be transported to a remote desert island. The mix of smalti glass and stained glass give an interesting texture to this piece. $1,000

Barred Owl

This lightweight, wall-mounted glass mosaic has 3D relief to give this owl volume and playful intensity. $450

Pear Blossoms

6 sf. mosaic insert behind the stove for a N. Portland house. The pear blossoms are detailed, custom-made fused glass pieces which refer to a tree growing in the residents' backyard.

Vanish into Space

Wall mosaic complete with wooden frame. Using stained glass, smalti glass and one-point perspective to show depth of field between forest and sky. $900.

Wapinitia Resort- Mt Hood, OR.

This mosaic was made with the residents of this Oregon mountain community for their playground area. It depicts the lake on site. 2018

Shriners’ Childrens Hospital- 2010

3D fish jumping in river, and through the wall into the next room! Portland OR.

For Sale- By Owner

23 x 15” w/ 3D Relief $ 750


The glowing colors of the N. Texas sunrise. SOLD

Ball Fountain

12” Sphere in 30” Concrete container. $900.


11 x 11 x 16"H Glass mosaic on concrete form with tea lite inside center $950

Found Objects

3D found objects stand off of the ceramic mosaic surface. Stone and unglazed porcelain are used on the below ground strata. SOLD

Fix It

24 x 36 in, used old tools and ceramic. NFS

Pouring Pitchers

Vertical fountain, water pours from one pitcher to another and in to plant container. Glass, Ceramic. $1,000

Red Converse

Colorful mosaic glass has turned this humble terra-cotta planter into a cultural icon. Go ahead and make it a planted foot! 20 x 12 x 12" SOLD

Water Feature

Copper River water diversion. 8 x 12 feet River Rock

A Mosaicist would Understand

12 x 16" Glass, Ceramic and found objects- SOLD

Bamboo Stand

Glass-on-Glass in up-cycled window frame. 20 x 25" SOLD


Glass-on-Glass mosaic. 16 x 36" SOLD

Hay Bales

Glass-on-Glass in up-cycled window frame. 24 x 28" SOLD

Glass Planting

Glass-on-Glass in up-cycled window frame. 24 x 24" SOLD

Wise Owl

Glass-on-Glass mosaic with fused glass eyes 12 x 16" SOLD

Morning Alarm

Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" SOLD

Glass Sails

Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Glass-on-Glass mosaic 15 x 15" $300


Address Collection


Address Collection


Address Collection


Address Collection

Bicycle Card Pack Light Box

14 x 19 x 4” SOLD

Go By Bike

16 x 20” SOLD

Daily Rituals

Commission 12 x 18" SOLD

Joy Ride

16 x 24” SOLD

Rose City Rider

16 x 24” SOLD

Follow the Leader

This mosaic borrows from the classic Roman mosaic "Cave Canum" and insert the nightmare for the modern bicycle commuter. 10 x 16" SOLD.

Portland Bicycle

17 x 21” SOLD

Get Around Portland FREE

17 x 26” SOLD


Glass Mosaic 14 x 18" SOLD

Sandstone water fountain

3D outdoor fountain made from 1 large sandstone rock from the Utah desert. SOLD

Patio table- transparent

36" on tempered glass. with wood base NFS

photo of glass mosaic on full-sized birdbath


26 x 26 x 30" Glass on concrete form. NFS

Rose Table

Vibrant design on cement board. Recycled chair used as base. 20 x 20" $400.

Sky over Stateline-2005

42 x 48” Commission for Stoel-Rives, LLP.

photo of mosaic-covered outdoor fireplace


Two-sided, mosaic-covered outdoor fireplace. NFS

Portland Vitrified

Using rigid cement-coated fiberglass mesh and slumped/fused glass, this mosaic shows the topographic features of metropolitan Portland. Location: Portland Community College- SE.

Go Buddy!

Auto-watering for man's best friend!

photo of free library with mosaic walls

Little Free Library- SE 69th And Belmont, Portland

This free library gets a lot of use in the Mt Tabor area in Portland. Installed: 2016

Mosaic Wildlife in Dental Office

Pediatric Dentistry offices in Gresham, OR

Bernese portrait

Animal Portraits size dependent: $350-500.

Mt Hood Fireplace

Cozy up to this warm, ceramic mosaic as the temps outside drop. Private Residence.

Petanque Court

Community project to identify the new addition to our neighborhood. Petanque is the French game where you try to land your balls next to the "piglet". Maybe this would have sounded better if I spoke French :) 2015.


Glass mosaic on functional free-standing fireplace NFS

Haystack Rock

42 x 48” SOLD

Flaneur Vineyards

This ceramic sign welcomes visitors to the newly opened Flaneur Vineyards in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. 2015. We all could use a little more of this. Cheers!

photo of mosaico coffee label

Mosaico Coffee Label

Design for Venezuelan coffee label

Hayhurst mosaic globe- 2018

What an amazing project this was to work with the whole school of Hayhurst Elementary in SW Portland. The idea of this globe was to teach that the world is a living thing and we need to care for it. It's made with recycled glass and 100's of hand-made fused glass pieces.

Odyssey Program 2018

The K-5 portion of this school worked on this beautiful mosaic made entirely of recycled glass. The image is the school logo of the of the explorer venturing into vast new possibilities of learning. 

West Tualatin View 2017

Worked with the upper grade "all-stars" of this school to make this stunning 3D star that highlights the school's teaching principles. This 84" circle really owns the wall of this school.

Vose Elementary 2017

Vose Elementary re-opened in 2017 with this new school logo. Beaverton, OR.

How do you spell Vose? 2016

For the opening of the renovated Vose Elementary School in Beaverton, OR. I was asked to make a school sign. Working with the 3rd and 4th grades, we learned about Robert Indiana's classic LOVE sculpture and made a new version of it.

Tillikum Bridge 2015

This glass mural was made with the 8th grade students at Beverly Cleary School to celebrate the opening of the newest bridge in Portland. We did a night-time version to highlight the beauty of the bridge's night lighting.

St Ignatius School 2015

The Spiral of Life was made by the entire K-8 school for their playground. The students used fused glass symbols to show different stages of life.

Bonny Slope Elementary 2014

This enormous mosaic mural graces the entrance of the school. It was made by over 600 students, contributing design, layout and fused glass inserts. The globe is 3D and stands out 22" from the wall.

Touchstone Elementary 2014

The Sunflower Cycle, uses glass and fused glass to show the growth of this plant. Made with 1st and 2nd graders.

Arleta School 2014

Glass mosaic with fused inserts. Wraps around entrance, showing the Columbia River from Mt Hood to Portland. Made by 2nd,3rd grades.

2014 – Year of the Horse

40 x 72 x 10” NFS

Oregon Trail Mural – 2013

Stephenson Elementary - 4th

A Tree in Four Seasons 2013

Ainsworth Elementary - 2nd

Beverly Cleary School

2012 8th grade- Exterior 48 x 66”

Touchstone School 2013

The Water Cycle 48 x 72”

photo of 3 panel mosaic showing kids' activities like sports and gardening

South Puget Sound Boys & Girls Club

3 panel mosaic made as a community mosaic by professional mosaic artists, with the help of students

MLC – Portland 2012

K-12 Participation 96 x 96”

Chinook Elementary 2012

20 Year Wolf Pup Celebration

Salish Ponds Elementary – 3rd

Healthy Active Schools - 2012

Hollywood Elementary 2012

K-1st grade, fused glass art

Chinook Elementary 2012

Native American Wolf

MLC 2009, ’10, ’11

Portland Mosaic

Hallinan Elementary 2011

3-4th grades 60’ d. Exterior

Solar System – 5th grade

Byrom Elementary 2011

Beverly Cleary School 2011

(10) 3D Mosaics in this mural

Beverly Cleary School

8th Grade - 2012

Woodstock Elementary 2009

Chinese Immersion School

Bridgeport Elementary 2009

Library Column Mosaic

Glencoe Elementary 2009

Painted Mural- Leadership

Bryant Elementary 2008

Ceramic Mosaic


Glass Mosaic w/ drawings under glass

Sweetbriar Elementary 2007

Library Glass Mosaic

Llewellyn Elementary

Ceramic Mosaic 2007

Lewis Elementary 2006

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic

Glencoe Elementary- 2006

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic


48 x 24” SOLD

Buckman Elementary Pool

Glass Mosaic 2007

Buckman Elementary Pool

Glass Mosaic 2007

West Linn Library

Donation Board 60” d

Glencoe Elementary 2004

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic

Davis Elementary 2003

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic

The Big Wave

17 x 43" Glass on lt. weight board NFS

Chicken Coop

Perfect decoration for your coop at home. $350


18 x 24" glass mosaic on lt-weight board SOLD


11 x 17 Glass on lt. weight board $300

Pizza Oven

Designed by owner

Wood Stove Sauna Ceramic

Ceramic Woodstove sauna install Tile
 62 x 82”


12 x 12” NFS

Pebble Footprint

12 x 22” NFS

Pier Block Mosaic

12 x 12” $225


9 x 9 x 11” $110


Ceramic Tile. 21 x 21" NFS

Mandala Flower

18 d. $350


15 x 18" $250


17 x 19" Glass on lt. weight board $250


Corn and Broccoli - each $175


Glass mosaic on lt-weight board $350.

Poppy Garden

Glass mosaic on lt-weight board SOLD

All Year in Bloom

32 x 56” $1,250

Foot Planter

10 x 18 x 8” SOLD

Frog Planter

Glass mosaic with gems 12 x 16 x 10" NFS

Hosta Leaf

22 x 34" SOLD

Lily Pond

20 x 22” SOLD

Elongated House

25 x 34” $350

Les Desserts

Les Desserts Ceramic Tile in Wood Frame $275

Pop Up House

17 x 31” NFS

Reflective Windows

16 x 27” SOLD

Steel Bridge

36” x 44” SOLD (photo of MAX under glass)

Fremont Bridge

27 x 48” Ceramic tile. SOLD

Go By Train

32 x 42” SOLD

Cathedral Mirror

18 x 26” SOLD


28 x 17” SOLD

Custom Mirror

16 x 22” SOLD

Coffee Queen

24” d. $ 350


20 x 20” $300

Gaudi Inspired Shrine

10 x 16” $350

Big Jack

18 x 42 x 32” SOLD

…to the Moon

8 x 8 x 18” SOLD

Egyptian Cat

8 x 14 x 26” H $500

New Victrola Dog

16x 32x 12” on Turning Table SOLD

Jack Russell Terrier

16 x 30 x 22” NFS


9 x 9 x 11” $160

Flying Fish

22 x 16 x 7 “ $950

Big Scary Fish

Glass on Polystyrene Foam 22 x 42 x 20” $3,500. Currently on display in Florence OR.