King City, OR. Community Park Mural- 2021

4-Wall Community mural done with the help of community members. Celebrating the planting of a milkweed garden to help the cause of the monarch butterfly. Done in Porcelain Ceramic.

Blue Plate Special

Making permanent re-use of broken China plates. 14 x 20" SOLD

this lucky dog

This mosaic was made as a part of the 2015-16 BIG ART Sculpture Walk happening in Hood River, OR. The dog greets all visitors to the best bakery in town, the Pine Street Bakery.

Blood from a Stone

Use of stone, smalti, and a metal clamp holding a piece of petrified wood makes this piece an interesting reflection on the concept of time.

Shriners’ Childrens Hospital

3D fish jumping in river, and through the wall into the next room! Portland OR.

Ball Fountain

12” Sphere in 30” Concrete container. $900.


11 x 11 x 16"H Glass mosaic on concrete form with tea lite inside center $800

Found Objects

3D found objects stand off of the ceramic mosaic surface. Stone and unglazed porcelain are used on the below ground strata. SOLD

Fix It

24 x 36 in, used old tools and ceramic $750

Pouring Pitchers

Vertical fountain, water pours from one pitcher to another and in to plant container. Glass, Ceramic. $1,000

Red Converse

Colorful mosaic glass has turned this humble terra-cotta planter into a cultural icon. Go ahead and make it a planted foot! 20 x 12 x 12" SOLD

A Mosaicist would Understand

12 x 16" Glass, Ceramic and found objects- SOLD

Sandstone water fountain

3D outdoor fountain made from 1 large sandstone rock from the Utah desert. SOLD

Patio table- transparent

36" on tempered glass. with wood base NFS

Rose Table

Vibrant design on cement board. Recycled chair used as base. 20 x 20" $400.

photo of mosaic-covered outdoor fireplace


Two-sided, mosaic-covered outdoor fireplace. NFS

Portland Vitrified

Using rigid cement-coated fiberglass mesh and slumped/fused glass, this mosaic shows the topographic features of metropolitan Portland. Location: Portland Community College- SE.

Go Buddy!

Auto-watering for man's best friend!

photo of free library with mosaic walls

Little Free Library- SE 69th And Belmont, Portland

This free library gets a lot of use in the Mt Tabor area in Portland. Installed: 2016


Glass mosaic on functional free-standing fireplace NFS

Flaneur Vineyards

This ceramic sign welcomes visitors to the newly opened Flaneur Vineyards in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. 2015. We all could use a little more of this. Cheers!

Hayhurst mosaic globe- 2018

What an amazing project this was to work with the whole school of Hayhurst Elementary in SE Portland. The idea of this globe was to teach that the world is a living thing and we need to care for it. It's made with recycled glass and 100's of hand-made fused glass pieces.

West Tualatin View 2017

Worked with the upper grade "all-stars" of this school to make this stunning 3D star that highlights the school's teaching principles. This 84" circle really owns the wall of this school.

2014 – Year of the Horse

40 x 72 x 10” NFS

Pier Block Mosaic

12 x 12” $225

Frog Planter

Glass mosaic with gems 12 x 16 x 10" NFS

Drive-Thru Nature

24 x 36 H $450

Big Jack

18 x 42 x 32” SOLD

…to the Moon

8 x 8 x 18” SOLD

Egyptian Cat

8 x 14 x 26” H $500

New Victrola Dog

16x 32x 12” on Turning Table SOLD

Jack Russell Terrier

16 x 30 x 22” NFS


9 x 9 x 11” $160

Flying Fish

22 x 16 x 7 “ $950

Big Scary Fish

Glass on Polystyrene Foam 22 x 42 x 20” $2,400