Bicycle Playing Card- Portland

This glass mosaic is a riff on the traditional Bicycle playing card, but instead of a Black Spade, I inserted a Red Heart. Framed in Wood. $650.

Bicycle Card Pack Light Box

14 x 19 x 4” SOLD

Go By Bike

16 x 20” SOLD

Daily Rituals

Commission 12 x 18" SOLD

Joy Ride

16 x 24” SOLD

Rose City Rider

16 x 24” SOLD

Follow the Leader

This mosaic borrows from the classic Roman mosaic "Cave Canum" and insert the nightmare for the modern bicycle commuter. 10 x 16" SOLD.

Portland Bicycle

17 x 21” SOLD

Get Around Portland FREE

17 x 26” SOLD


Glass Mosaic 14 x 18" SOLD