Our Lady of Guadalupe

Installed at The Grotto in Portland for their new Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine. Smalti. Size: 3 x 5 feet, equaling the size of the original painting in Mexico City. Worked with artist Hector Hernandez on this 3- mosaic series. 2016

Blue Plate Special

Making permanent re-use of broken China plates. 14 x 20" SOLD

Red Converse

Colorful mosaic glass has turned this humble terra-cotta planter into a cultural icon. Go ahead and make it a planted foot! 20 x 12 x 12" $750

Fix It

24 x 36 in, used old tools and ceramic $750

Tree of Life Fountain

This water fountain cycles its water so that the tree is forever drought-resistant.  $450

Ball Fountain

12” Sphere in 30” Concrete container. $900.


11 x 11 x 16"H Glass mosaic on concrete form with tea lite inside center $800

Found Objects

3D found objects stand off of the ceramic mosaic surface. Stone and unglazed porcelain are used on the below ground strata. $450.

Pouring Pitchers

Vertical fountain, water pours from one pitcher to another and in to plant container. Glass, Ceramic. $1,000

Water Feature

Copper River water diversion. 8 x 12 feet River Rock

Plant Container

Lightweight fiberglass container has the mosaic accent to add year-round color. $450.

Petanque Court

Community project to identify the new addition to our neighborhood. Petanque is the French game where you try to land your balls next to the "piglet". Maybe this would have sounded better if I spoke French :) 2015.

Sandstone water fountain

3D outdoor fountain made from 1 large sandstone rock from the Utah desert. SOLD

photo of mosaic-covered outdoor fireplace


Two-sided, mosaic-covered outdoor fireplace. $1,100.


Glass mosaic on functional free-standing fireplace $1,100

photo of glass mosaic on full-sized birdbath


26 x 26 x 30" Glass on concrete form $1,500

The Big Wave

17 x 43" Glass on lt. weight board $600

Chicken Coop

Perfect decoration for your coop at home. $350


18 x 24" glass mosaic on lt-weight board $450


11 x 17 Glass on lt. weight board $250

Pizza Oven

Designed by owner

Wood Stove Sauna Ceramic

Ceramic Woodstove sauna install Tile
 62 x 82”


12 x 12” NFS

Pebble Footprint

12 x 22” NFS

Pier Block Mosaic

12 x 12” $225

Birdhouse Posts

30” and 36” above ground $200 $150


9 x 9 x 11” $160


Ceramic Tile. 21 x 21" NFS

Mandala Flower

18 d. $350


15 x 18" $250


17 x 19" Glass on lt. weight board $250


Corn and Broccoli - each $175


Glass mosaic on lt-weight board $400.

Poppy Garden

Glass mosaic on lt-weight board SOLD

All Year in Bloom

32 x 56” $1,250

Foot Planter

10 x 18 x 8” SOLD


48 x 24” SOLD

Frog Planter

Glass mosaic with gems 12 x 16 x 10" $600

Lily Pond

20 x 22” SOLD

Hosta Leaf

22 x 34" SOLD

Egyptian Cat

8 x 14 x 26” H $500