School Installations

Five Oaks Elementary 2019

The artist depicted the eponymous Five Oaks for this school's mosaic, and electrified it with a radiating sun in the background.

Sweetbriar Elementary 2019

This huge mural (85 sq ft) depicts the Columbia River from the school's location in Troutdale all the way to Portland. It details barns and trees and agricultural fields that make up this community, all under the watchful shadow of Mt Hood. The school mascot of bees fly happily around the school.

William Walker Elementary 2019

The hands of 36 students from William Walker were cut in clay and used in this mosaic. The students glazed their clay hand in a tone that represented themselves as well as the diversity of this school. The artist then did the colorful tree and the kiddos on the swing as a gift to the re-opening of this new school in Cedar Hills, OR.

Woodstock Elementary 2019

Ask a 5th grader what s/he wants to be when they grow up, and you get a whole series of answers. This was a great idea that began with a Dr. Seuss book, and turned into this wonderful Mural of Aspiration.

Whole Child Montessori 2017

This tree was made for the founder of this exceptional Montessori school in SE Portland. The tree buds were made by pre-schoolers! and the rest of the tree was finished by parents for the school. It now lives in the school garden where children see it on a daily basis.

Hayhurst mosaic globe- 2018

What an amazing project this was to work with the whole school of Hayhurst Elementary in SW Portland. The idea of this globe was to teach that the world is a living thing and we need to care for it. It's made with recycled glass and 100's of hand-made fused glass pieces.

Odyssey Program 2018

The K-5 portion of this school worked on this beautiful mosaic made entirely of recycled glass. The image is the school logo of the of the explorer venturing into vast new possibilities of learning. 

West Tualatin View 2017

Worked with the upper grade "all-stars" of this school to make this stunning 3D star that highlights the school's teaching principles. This 84" circle really owns the wall of this school.

Vose Elementary 2017

Vose Elementary re-opened in 2017 with this new school logo. Beaverton, OR.

How do you spell Vose? 2016

For the opening of the renovated Vose Elementary School in Beaverton, OR. I was asked to make a school sign. Working with the 3rd and 4th grades, we learned about Robert Indiana's classic LOVE sculpture and made a new version of it.

Tillikum Bridge 2015

This glass mural was made with the 8th grade students at Beverly Cleary School to celebrate the opening of the newest bridge in Portland. We did a night-time version to highlight the beauty of the bridge's night lighting.

St Ignatius School 2015

The Spiral of Life was made by the entire K-8 school for their playground. The students used fused glass symbols to show different stages of life.

Bonny Slope Elementary 2014

This enormous mosaic mural graces the entrance of the school. It was made by over 600 students, contributing design, layout and fused glass inserts. The globe is 3D and stands out 22" from the wall.

Touchstone Elementary 2014

The Sunflower Cycle, uses glass and fused glass to show the growth of this plant. Made with 1st and 2nd graders.

Arleta School 2014

Glass mosaic with fused inserts. Wraps around entrance, showing the Columbia River from Mt Hood to Portland. Made by 2nd,3rd grades.

Oregon Trail Mural – 2013

Stephenson Elementary - 4th

A Tree in Four Seasons 2013

Ainsworth Elementary - 2nd

Beverly Cleary School

2012 8th grade- Exterior 48 x 66”

Touchstone School 2013

The Water Cycle 48 x 72”

MLC – Portland 2012

K-12 Participation 96 x 96”

Chinook Elementary 2012

20 Year Wolf Pup Celebration

Salish Ponds Elementary – 3rd

Healthy Active Schools - 2012

Hollywood Elementary 2012

K-1st grade, fused glass art

Chinook Elementary 2012

Native American Wolf

MLC 2009, ’10, ’11

Portland Mosaic

Hallinan Elementary 2011

3-4th grades 60’ d. Exterior

Solar System – 5th grade

Byrom Elementary 2011

Beverly Cleary School 2011

(10) 3D Mosaics in this mural

Beverly Cleary School

8th Grade - 2012

Woodstock Elementary 2009

Chinese Immersion School

Bridgeport Elementary 2009

Library Column Mosaic

Glencoe Elementary 2009

Painted Mural- Leadership

Bryant Elementary 2008

Ceramic Mosaic


Glass Mosaic w/ drawings under glass

Sweetbriar Elementary 2007

Library Glass Mosaic

Llewellyn Elementary

Ceramic Mosaic 2007

Lewis Elementary 2006

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic

Glencoe Elementary- 2006

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic

Buckman Elementary Pool

Glass Mosaic 2007

Glencoe Elementary 2004

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic

Davis Elementary 2003

Exterior Ceramic Mosaic