Wall Art

3D Star

This brilliant 24" d mosaic has a 3D star popping out of its surface, full of color details, pattern and sparkle! $600

El Pavo Grande

This elegant peacock has flourishes of fused-glass feathers. 13 x 20" $500.

The Great Honu

Beautiful 'Honu' turtle floats in the flowing ocean waves. Fused glass turtle and mosaic glass. $400.

Blood from a Stone

Use of stone, smalti, and a metal clamp holding a piece of petrified wood makes this piece an interesting reflection on the concept of time.

Parachute Selfie

This unique aerial perspective is inspired from a friend's recent parachute adventure and my wish to be transported to a remote desert island. The mix of smalti glass and stained glass give an interesting texture to this piece. $1,000

Pear Blossoms

6 sf. mosaic insert behind the stove for a N. Portland house. The pear blossoms are detailed, custom-made fused glass pieces which refer to a tree growing in the residents' backyard.

Vanish into Space

Wall mosaic complete with wooden frame. Using stained glass, smalti glass and one-point perspective to show depth of field between forest and sky. $900.

For Sale- By Owner

23 x 15” w/ 3D Relief $ 750


The glowing colors of the N. Texas sunrise. SOLD

Fix It

24 x 36 in, used old tools and ceramic $750

Pouring Pitchers

Vertical fountain, water pours from one pitcher to another and in to plant container. Glass, Ceramic. $1,000

A Mosaicist would Understand

12 x 16" Glass, Ceramic and found objects- SOLD

Daily Rituals

Commission 12 x 18" SOLD

Follow the Leader

This mosaic borrows from the classic Roman mosaic "Cave Canum" and insert the nightmare for the modern bicycle commuter. 10 x 16" SOLD.

Sky over Stateline

42 x 48” Commission for Stoel-Rives, LLP. 2005.

Portland Vitrified

Using rigid cement-coated fiberglass mesh and slumped/fused glass, this mosaic shows the topographic features of metropolitan Portland. Location: Portland Community College- SE.

Bernese portrait

Animal Portraits size dependent: $350-500.

Haystack Rock

42 x 48” SOLD

photo of mosaico coffee label

Mosaico Coffee Label

Design for Venezuelan coffee label


18 x 24" glass mosaic on lt-weight board SOLD

Andamento Triptych

Overall size 18 x 36” $650

Elongated House

25 x 34” $350

Les Desserts

Les Desserts Ceramic Tile in Wood Frame $275

Pop Up House

17 x 31” NFS

Reflective Windows

16 x 27” SOLD

Steel Bridge

36” x 44” SOLD (photo of MAX under glass)

Fremont Bridge

27 x 48” Ceramic tile. SOLD

Go By Train

32 x 42” SOLD

Cathedral Mirror

18 x 26” SOLD


28 x 17” SOLD

Custom Mirror

16 x 22” SOLD

Virgin Of Guadalupe

Glass on Lt-weight cement board 16 x 22" SOLD

Coffee Queen

24” d. $ 350

Drive-Thru Nature

24 x 36 H $450


20 x 20” $300

Gaudi Inspired Shrine

10 x 16” $350

Solstice Mandala

16” d. SOLD


17” d. SOLD