Bonny Slope mural- Day 10

I told every 2nd grade class that we really had to see all the big board of mosaic and the globe together in one picture. That way, we could really see what we had accomplished, and what was left to be done. I took the picture last night and showed it to the students today. We could see what needed to be done. Time to mosaic.
We made more progress in the “outer petal” areas in one day than we had in any day previously. Groups of 5 and 6 worked together in Ms Greisen’s, Ms Williamson’s and Ms.Russell’s to lay out large areas of the red and yellow petals which surround the globe. We estimated over 1,500 tiles in one day!
Meanwhile, Ms. Acosta’s class began to lay out the children made of fused glass from Ms. Csepcsanyi’s class. Now that’s teamwork. See how the kids will stand on the edge of the world?

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  1. Meemo says:

    Incredible. Can’t wait to see the progression.

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