Mosaic in Sauna… Hot!

It’s November, and in Portland that means the sun has set for about the next 4 months. But we in Portland know many ways to handle this situation, and one method is to turn on the wood stove sauna.

This 32 s.f. ceramic mosaic is a calming backdrop to the heat blasting out of the stove. The ceramic tiles act as a non-combustible surface to protect the walls from the heat. The spiral represents the infinite, and in candlelight, the vast variety of color in the light stripe come together as the same value. Just squint your eyes to see this.

Mosaic makes a great background for the patio in this temperate Portland climate.

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One Response to Mosaic in Sauna… Hot!

  1. Meemo says:

    Found it! It looks great! as do the rest of the pieces. I’m so proud of you! ooxx

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