Forest Park Residency

Worked on two mosaic murals for this school. Pictured below is the school Fox mascot which was made with the 4th-5th grade students. Each student did an extremely accurate  drawing of this curiously geometric fox, and then we did the mosaic. Previous to this, we made a mural of a giant rainbow that had an arch spanning 25 feet!


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Sato Elementary Barn mural

Sato Elementary in Beaverton, OR. opened for the first day in September, 2017. In the front office is a mosaic depicting the barn that originally stood on the property before the school was built. Working from a photograph that was taken on-site, I was trying to capture the warm glow of an early sunrise as it rose above the West Hills of Portland.
Version 2

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Vose Owl

Here  is a short-eared owl that is the mascot for the newly renovated Vose Elementary in Beaverton. The span on this owl is 9 feet and it is made up of many pieces of fused glass to capture the detail in the feathers. They needed a bigger school to fit this bird, as well as all the new students; whom have really enjoyed having this mural in their school.VOSE Owl

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Whole Child Montessori

This mosaic was one of the most satisfying mosaic projects I have ever done. This gorgeous tree was made in honor of Nancy Pribnow, the woman who started this school in Portland over 30 years ago. This blossoms of the tree were done by the Kindergarten kids and the rest of the mural was completed by staff and parents. It now resides in the garden in which the children play every day, and was where my two children went when they were younger. WHOLE CHILD17

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Mt Tabor Art Walk May 20-21

REMINDER: MTAW is coming up! May 20-21  10AM-5PM
Come see a vast array of mosaic for the house and for the garden.
Mosaic Animal Farm includes these 2017 Year of the Rooster, and many others.
For more info:
2017 Roosters

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New Take on L-O-V-E

Vose Elementary is a school that is being rebuilt in the growing Beaverton SD, and they asked me to work with the students to bring in a little Love to the school sign. Wow, did they do a good job on this one! That’s 6 feet in each direction.FullSizeRender

Here’s the kiddos learning Block Lettering just like Robert Indiana did back in the 60′s.


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Studio Classes- Mandalas and Emojis

This was a fun and creative two week session of studio classes. Everyone loves making a Mandala because the design is so expressive and so complete. And the Emoji class was full of simple designs taken from internet emojis and filled with amazing mosaic details.mandala

FullSizeRender 2

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Mosaic Speaks Many Languages

Here is my mosaic dog Lucky, during his 2 year stay in Hood River for the BIG ARTS Walking Tour. He made many new friends, including this black lab, Dufur.
IMG_0520Photo credit: Jonathan Garca

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West Tualatin View- Home of the All-Stars

Worked with the entire school to make three large, 3D stars to fill the hallway of the school. This is the largest one, coming in with a 7 foot circumference. Included in the design are the 10 character attributes that make this an IB school.Photo Feb 15

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January Surprise

Can you believe that Portland got 14 inches of snow?!  I’m so glad my garden mosaics can pass that test.

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